Employment screening?
Employment Screening is the background checking carried out prior to granting access to valuable company resources.
If employment screening is a condition of your employment you will be required to:

 disclose all relevant and required information
 co-operate in the collection of personal documents and corroborating evidence
 answer questions fully and honestly, and
 provide accurate information and personal documents.

What you need to provide:
VSA requires a number of documents to confirm identity and background. If there are any gaps or anomalies identified from the information and documents you provide, VSA may request additional information.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is employment screening?

Employment Screening is a series of assessments and background checks to ensure that people
entrusted with valuable company resources:

 have had their identity established
 have their qualifications verified
 are eligible to work in Australia
 are trustworthy to have access, and
 are willing to comply with the standards that safeguard those resources against misuse.

Employment Screening is intrusive by its nature. However, your privacy and dignity is respected. The process is non-discriminatory and the principles of natural justice are observed.

The Australian Standard AS 4811-2006 outlines the minimum standards that are to be met by
companies when conducting employment screening:

  • How is it decided what level of screening a person needs?

The level of screening that you require will depend on your employer’s determination of the extent to which you need to access their valuable resources in order to carry out your duties. The requirement for screening is generally not based on seniority.

  • What are the levels of employment screening?

VSA conducts screening at Base level, Intermediate level and High level, dependent upon the risk to
your company’s resources your position might pose.

  • Why is screening necessary?

Employment screening simply limits the risk of valuable resources being accessed by unauthorised
organisations and persons, such as:

 rival companies
 individuals who:

- may be susceptible to pressure or improper influence
- have shown dishonesty or lack of integrity which casts doubts upon their suitability, or
- have demonstrated behaviour or are subject to circumstances which may otherwise indicate unreliability.

While you may not be a member of one of the above, the process may identify if you could be subject to undue influence from these types of organisations or people.

  • Who needs screening?

An organisation will arrange for screening of employees or contractors who have a legitimate ongoing need to access valuable resources in order to carry out their duties. These people may include:

 company executives
 other employees who contribute to high level decision making
 contractors who provide goods and services to the organisation
 employees who as part of their duties are responsible for the supervision of minors
 employees who have access to confidential company information or ICT systems.

VSA conducts a number of background assessments and records checks on you to identify possible
vulnerabilities against factor areas including:

 influences and associations
 personal conduct
 financial considerations
 alcohol and drug usage
 criminal history and conduct
 attitudes compliance requirements and violations, and
 mental health disorders.

  • How does the process work?

You are asked to complete the enclosed package containing a range of questionnaires addressing the factor areas. 
The information you provide is used as the basis for conducting a range of background checks and
enquiries. The background checks will assist in identifying any vulnerable areas in your life or
background history that may expose you to manipulation, blackmail or coercion.

The checks may include referee interviews, financial checks, qualification checks and eligibility to work in Australia.

  • Who decides whether access to company resources will be granted?

After reviewing all of the information provided by you, your referees’ reports and the results of your
background checks, your Case Officer makes a recommendation to the person in your company who is authorised to make that decision.

This will be a senior level employee who:

 may make a determination in accordance with the recommendation
 may choose to ignore the recommendation, or
 may request that your Case Officer seeks additional information before making a determination.