If you have personnel who are entrusted with large sums of money,


  are responsible for caring for minors,


or have major decision-making roles within your company,


you need the reassurance of pre-employment screening.

Vetting Solutions Australia has been operating since 2002 providing quality security clearance processing (vetting) services to government.  We now also have the capacity to offer a range of packages to the private sector so they can enjoy the same level of confidence in their personnel.

With representative case workers situated all over Australia, we are able to provide a fast personal service to businesses across the country.

Complete the application form on-line and we will send you a generic vetting package or contact us to discuss how we can tailor a package which is relevant to your particular needs.

Vetting Solutions Australia is experienced in professional, cost efficient security clearance processing for Government.  We have now tailored our solutions to include pre-employment screening for both sectors in accordance with AS4811-2006 and HB323-2007.   We provide three levels of screening but are also able to adapt checks on a case-by-case basis. This flexibility will complement your corporate needs and ensure your requirements are met. 

Personnel are sometimes the largest investment a business will make, yet many employers put their companies at risk by not confirming the accuracy of an applicant’s assertions on their CV prior to hiring.  According to an Australian Institute of Criminology publication on identifying fraud risk to business, inadequate staff employment screening is one of the contributing factors to internal fraud.  It says:

Stringent checking of references and the background of applicants for employment is a key means of minimising internal fraud risk.” 

Other research by the audit company KPMG has shown that more than 40% of resumes have false or misleading information on educational qualifications and employment history.  They also found 14% of personnel had a history of dishonesty with past employers.  The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates fraudulent behaviour in Australia amounts to a cost of $5.88 billion a year.

Employers generally believe the information their candidates provide and accept copies of resumes, certificates etc as sufficient evidence of their identity and history.

The potential harm to an organisation caused by failing to undertake employment background checks may be to varying degrees:

  • Theft of cash, stock or equipment
  • Embezzlement of company or client resources
  • Legal proceedings for negligent hiring practices
  • Low employee morale
  • Low productivity
  • Mis-use of personal or confidential information
  • Loss of business reputation
  • Decrease in company share prices

Pre-employment screening will reduce the risks to a business associated with hiring deceptive, inept or inexperienced employees.


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